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Friday, 3 February 2012

THe House of Pleasaunce

From the outside it wasn't really anything special. An average  house in a relatively well off part of South East London, probably built in the housing boom that immediately followed the end of the second World War
   Little did I realise that behind the unremarkable door of that unremarkable house I would be privileged to find the largest, most diverse and comprehensive collection of adult magazines, books and erotica that I had seen in over 40 years as a seller, collector and enthusiast
   The rooms on the ground floor contained the most recent publications, familiar titles from the 1980’s and, moving backwards, the 70’s. As I moved to the upper floors I also moved back in time – lovingly maintained complete collections of both familiar and rare titles from the mid to early 1970s and then back further to the 1960’s, the era of mini- skirts, coffee bar soho, Profumo and Harold Wilson. Still searching through rooms I was back still further in time, before my own memories; the lurid covers, exploitation style titles, and graphic artwork of 1950’s America. Magazines in which even the ads were seductive and captivating ……
Just one of the magazines stashes, in one of the rooms, in the best of boxes.

Uncovered in one corner of the attic, were the ancestry heritage of Janus, Blushes & Roué spanking magazines. These have typewritten pages, an original photograph cover with 5 more photographs on the pages inside.

As we catalogue and sort through this amazing find we will keep you updated through this blog and keep you informed when some of this material become available on Rambooks.co.uk

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